Notice to Employees Wage Recovery in Broward County, Florida Broward County Ordinance 2018-36, relating to wage recovery, as codified in Chapter 20 ½-1 through 20 ½-9, Broward County Code, went into effect on September 17, 2018. If you have performed work in Broward County and your Employer either failed to pay or underpaid the wage rate applicable for the work you performed, you may be entitled to file a complaint with the Professional Standards/Human Rights Section to recover your earned wages. Before filing a complaint with Broward County, YOU MUST: 1. Notify your employer, in writing, within 60 (sixty) days after wages were due to be paid, that the employer had not paid you all the wages earned for work you performed; and 2. Ensure that your written notice identifies 1) all wages you claim were not paid or were underpaid to which you are entitled; 2) the actual or estimated work dates and hours for which you are seeking payment. 3. Allow your employer 15 (fifteen) days after receipt of the written notice to respond. If you do not receive a response, then you may submit your Wage Recovery Complaint Form, and a copy of the notice letter to our office. Rights Protected by Broward County’s Wage Recovery Ordinance: 1. You may file a complaint about an employer’s alleged nonpayment or underpayment of wages earned which exceed $60.00 2. You have the right to an administrative hearing before a qualified Hearing Officer, if your claim(s) are not resolved through conciliation. The Hearing Officer will contact the parties for scheduling. 3. If you prevail at the administrative hearing, the Hearing Officer will issue a final written order requiring your employer to pay damages that may include: 1) all back wages owed; 2) liquidated damages in an amount equal to the proven unpaid wages; and 3) reasonable costs and attorney’s fees you incurred in connection with the administrative hearing. 4. You have the right to go to court to enforce the final order, if the employer fails to comply with the Hearing Officer’s final written order within thirty (30) days after the date of issuance. 5. It is against the law to retaliate against an employee for exercising rights protected by this ordinance. For more information contact: The Professional Standards/Human Rights Section Governmental Center, Room 427, 115 S. Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 Tel. (954) 357-6500 For details about the Wage Recovery Ordinance, see Sections 20½-1 - 20½-9, Broward County Code ( Rev. 10/18

Effective January 1, 2023 YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE BROWARD COUNTY LIVING WAGE ORDINANCE LIVING WAGES for 2023 In accordance with the Living Wage Ordinance, Section 26.102, Broward County Code of Ordinances, Broward County service contractors’ employees and subcontractors performing covered services pursuant to applicable County contracts must be paid at least the following living wage hourly rates and health benefit amount indexed in accordance with Section 26.102(f) of the Living Wage Ordinance: Security Services Officers All Other Covered Employees (Not Security Services Officers) $17.17 per hour with qualifying health benefits* (for employer that offers healthcare benefits) amounting to at least $3.65 per hour, or $20.82 per hour without health benefits (for employer that does not offer healthcare benefits $15.00 per hour with qualifying health benefits* (for employer that offers healthcare benefits) amounting to at least $3.65 per hour, or $18.65 per hour without health benefits (for employer that does not offer healthcare benefits) Effective January 1, 2023, covered employees will receive 40 hours of paid time off on an annual basis. *Note – If a covered employee declines health care benefits, the covered employer may pay to the employee the living wage rate with health care benefits listed above provided the covered employer provides to the County written proof of the covered employee's declination. Applicable covered services provided pursuant to a County service contract (exceeding $100,000/year) include: • Food preparation and/or distribution • Security services • Routine maintenance services: janitorial, cleaning, refuse removal, and recycling collections, or similar services • Repair and/or refinishing services: for furniture, fixtures, vehicles, machinery, or equipment, including preventative maintenance and replacement of parts • Clerical or other non-supervisory office work (temporary or permanent personnel): secretarial, typing, data entry, filing, transcription, specialized billing, sorting/completion of forms, and word, data and informational processing • Passenger transportation and automobile parking services • Printing and reproduction services • Landscaping, lawn, and/or agricultural services Applicable covered airport services pursuant to a County service contract (any contract value) include: • Food and beverage concessionaire services and certain retail concessionaire services at Airport Terminals Complex and the Car Rental Center. • Airline service providers for air carriers: ground handling or ramp services; ground equipment provisioning and maintenance; maintenance; in-to-plane fuel service; passenger service; porter service (including skycaps and employees performing curbside check-in); janitorial service; security service; baggage delivery service; aircraft cleaning; or operation of a private club. ENFORCEMENT If a service contractor is not complying with the living wage requirements, a covered employee or subcontractor of a service contractor may seek to recover back wages against the responsible service contractor by filing a written complaint with the County or filing suit against the covered employer. A covered employee or subcontractor may file written complaints of underpayment or retaliation/discrimination (in connection with the filing of living wage complaint), with the Broward County Professional Standards/Human Rights Section, 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 427, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, or call (954) 357-6500. SANCTIONS Damages payable to Broward County in the sum of up to $500 per day, but not to exceed $1,000 per week for each covered employee, may be assessed against the service contractor for failure to pay the required wage rates above in addition to payment of the underpaid wages to the employee. For other information, contact the applicable Contract Administrator or the Broward County Purchasing Division, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 212, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, (954) 357-6066. The Living Wage Ordinance requires service contractors awarded living wage contracts to display this poster at the job site in a prominent location where it can easily be seen by employees.